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Очень хорошая игра, но жаль, что нельзя соревноваться с друзьями!


Очень прикольная игруха, все качайте.

Fun but short

I beat the game within 1 day. Given there’s training mini game, which earns it a extra star.

????When you beat the red duck with fire 🔥 is it time for duck life 2??????


Great game! Just needs more.

I really freaking love this game and it is definitely a favorite! I would give it five stars if it had more worlds and multiplayer would be great! Other than that it is an amazing game! Nice job!

Plz fix it

It’s addicting but when I have to charge my iPhone it doesn’t flip the screen around Plz fix this issue


I don't want you back on twitter!!

Six worlds from sun barrel of the solar system from Duck Life

1. Grassland 2. Swamp 3. Mountains 4. Glacier 5. City 6. Volcano

Read this creator of duck life

This is a great game I just don’t like the things in the store for clothes or the hats I wish there particles like the 1 four the boss and pls add more bosses I’m soooo bored AND IM A 9 YEAR OLD KID SO LISTEN sorry I’m emotional I’m very emotional kid I’m sorry 😿 please forgive me I’m just in boredom kingdom and a 7th world where you race trainers like in the greenvill

Great time passer!

I love this game because it is a great time passer and if you’re waiting for something you can do it and it passes the time. The training is kinda boring but it pays off. Because it’s fun to see your duck win the races. I am currently on the swamp. Pretty good challenge! I hope there’s more to come! Keep up the good work! Would definitely recommend getting this game if you are waiting for something and have nothing better to do. There is 6 areas grassland is the first swamp is the second mountains is the third glacier is the fourth city is a the fifth and volcano is the sixth it is an AMAZING game love it!!! Keep up the good work!

There is a major problem

I have won 10 big races and it would not let me go into the swamp and I got 1st place every time I want that big bug to be fixed and if you fix that then I will give you a better review on this duck life game and I will love this game 1000000000000000000000000%

grate but a few problems :(

problem number 1 some coins are impossible to get. Number 2 I had to get every one of my Stanima to 100 or above! number 3 don’t play fly number 4 most of the times dragging gets stuck. last problem in running right after a jump sometimes you can’t duck! done

GREAT! But...

This is a great game, But, after you complete it there should really add something to do after you complete the game.

Amazing! Just one problem.....

This game is amazing! I love playing these types of games. The controls are better than using a computer and the graphics are too. There isn’t a problem with switching outfits like everybody else is saying, I’m completely fine with it. One problem though, I have gotten through the game multiple times, but this time it will not let me progress to another area, I’m just stuck in the grasslands, and when I try to unlock one or click on one, it brings me here.

I Want Energy Level 150 But It Won’t Let Me


Short Term Fun

This game is fun but I was able to beat it in one day, and all you ca do after you win is train. No multiplayer or pvp, it’s not really worth $.99.

1 little BUG

THIS GAME MADE ME SAD B/c it doesn’t WORK b/c DUCK LIFE 1 SAYS GET DUCK LIFE 2 and I got it and it didn’t WORK .

Addicting game

I’m 13-years-old, and I love this game. It’s so fun and addicting. It’s funny to see ducks race against each other. I’ll show my future children this game :)

Love it but needs work.!

Can you ad a thing where you can get to different worlds without winning da, tournament!


We should be able to compete against other players in a multiplayer edition it would make it more fun and also it should be longer because after you make it to the end all you can do is train and it’s not as fun anymore

One of the best games just needs a little work

This is definitely one of my top 3 favorite games to play on my phone. The only reason I didn’t give this a complete 5 stars is because I feel like the developers or whoever just lacked a tiny bit of attention to detail. Here’s what updates I’d like to see. Ability to rename ducks, ability to delete ducks off team, a way to pay your coins to level up ducks, and making the whole buying clothes and trying them on your ducks completely better. To compare a piece of clothing on and off I’d have to buy and rebuy the clothing. With all this being said it’s still a great app I highly recommend for all ages!



Awesome! But...

I love it, I really do. But I hate that you can't take off the shirts once you put them on! Please please please fix this otherwise a great.

Ok? What happened!

When I first got duck life it was better than “this” because it had the level up food you could train running swimming and flying and it was all one place no swiping so could you do that a again plz

This is Duck life 4

If you are looking for Duck Life 4. This is it. Mofunzone inc

Plz make this

I like this game i dont know if its payed appears my brother already bought it but well i really really wish that duck life 3 was free i want it in ipad because it saves progress i always finish one duck but i cant get the others please let duck life 3 be free and not lite i want the legit game to be free i know you wont earn as much money but the more buys you still get money and much more dowloads at a time


Bad game

Please read

I love this game I have already played through the entire thing, and frankly I’m now bored. My idea is that there should be a multiplayer mode where you vs people online... I know this will most likely not happen but it would be an awesome addition

Please fix!

I love this game I play it all the time! I would give 5 stars but when ever I play the tournament in the city round 2 at the end when I touch continue it goes out of the app. Please fix this app I really want to play it!🌟🌟🌟

Best game ever. It's on coolmath

Instead of buying it play it on coolmath-games

Great game!

The game has come a long way! It looks great!

I love this game but

This game is so nostalgic for me. There is a bug though for the one and two mini games for running. When I tap the arrow, it sometimes won’t run. Also is this game MFI controller compatible? Thanks!


The boss is way to easy I wish he was like the three before u get to face him and also add those three ducks so it's a challenge and the boss is just really bad and really has bad coding did someone fall asleep coding?

Used to be great now just okay

Loved the game before,but I am not a huge fan of the update.

Swim practice bug

Great game but when I press the swim practice it goes to tournament and so I can't do swim practice so I'm pretty much stuck

Great but...

I loved this game but it could be better. I like being able to dress up the ducks but you can't take off the outfits once you put it on, you also have to purchase the outfits every time you want to switch outfits which I don't like. I'd like to see some pvp or more challenges. I beat every race with one duck and it didn't take long to max out each skill. Other wise it's a great game just not a long term one.

Really fun

Good game to play

Best game ever

This game is so much fun you should play it the only thing is that it's a bit repetitive but still fun


There is a bug in running 1 and 4 that sometimes the buttons don't work. Other than that I love this game, I would really appreciate it if you fixed this problem. Thank you

Bring back!

I loved the old version but this one is not good!😭😭😭😭😰


This game is awesome! You have to try it!

Bring back the old version!

I've been a fan of duck life for years now and I don't like how you cloned duck life space and re skinned it and said it was duck life, its not! It doesn't have the same feel as the original! I beg of you, PLEASE BRING IT BACK!

5 stars

I love this app you never are done when u beat the game you have to get new ducks by trains to get coins and get a duck and try to get to the top with ur new duck

Awesome game

It's so cool how you can upgrade the ducks to beat the world champion and then upgrade them even more it's awesome!!!!!!!!!!

Best game ever

It is really fun and how you can race and how there are different colors I decide to buy the money one and compare to this one I liked both one difference I saw was in the money one the only colors you could get were shades of green and in the free one you can get yellow,brown,white,blue with purple strip,black with white belly


I absolutely love this game. The over all simple style and simple goal make it easy to understand. I have a blast playing this game and I'm so happy it's an app. GET THIS GAME


don't hit the CAE wall

Awesome but one thing...

I love this game! It was so fun, and cool that you could race ducks after you have already beat them (unlike the computer version) but I was able to complete the whole thing in about a month. Still love it thow!

I love it but

There is a glitch where if your climbing is too high and you roll before a jump you fall off and it wound stop unless you quit the race please fix this bug since you can't pass the city level with it

Keeps on Erasing Save Data

Was fun, until I lost all of my progress three times in a row. -_-

Just like when I was younger

I used to love playing this when I was little, and it's just like the pc versions. It does get a little repetitive but it's still fun to play!

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