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Duck Life app for iPhone and iPad

4.0 ( 400 ratings )
Games Entertainment Adventure Sports
Developer: MoFunZone Inc
0.99 USD
Current version: 2.61, last update: 1 year ago
First release : 07 Mar 2013
App size: 219.34 Mb

Raise your duckling into a champion racer!

Are you ready to play the ultimate duck training game? The award-winning online
sensation, racking up over 150 million plays internationally is finally in your hands!

Train your duck in 15 mini-games featuring running, swimming, flying, climbing and
jumping. Watch proudly as it competes in tournaments against rival ducks, discovering
exciting worlds and learning new skills. Ultimately, enter your duck in the final race against
the champion duck, who is quite literally on fire, and be crowned with eternal glory.

The revamped app version features new and improved races, graphics, music and shop
accessories. This is the most quacking Duck Life yet!

- Race against other ducks for coins and tickets to the tournaments!
- 6 different duck worlds featuring new shops and rivals. Grassland, Swamp, Mountains,
Glacier, City, Volcano
- Dress your duck in crazy hats and give them awesome hairstyles!
- Adorable characters
- Outstanding graphics
- Captivating music
- Over 30 races
- Optimized for Retina display and the iPhone 5

Jayisgames: “Its the perfect thing to sink your spare time into when you want something
fun and casual” 4.5/5

Pros and cons of Duck Life app for iPhone and iPad

Duck Life app good for

This is a cool app I mean I like the name I named it and its name is my crushs name and no its not called stalking its called having fun lol!! Follow me on insta as @sparkle_cheer was a very very fun game at first but in like a day or 2 when u finish you cant really do much and get very boring so I just got rid if it. But the begging was fun, if you want to waste your money on this you will a game you would play for 1 or 2 days then get it if not do not get it
Its a fun game but it first deleted one duck and then after I beat the game it deleted my customized duck and it sucked!!!
Its says you fixed the bugs except for me theres this BUG that slows the game down and freezes a little when it looks like ALOT!!! PLEASE FIX. THIS. BUG.
I finished the entire game with one maxed out duck and looked to train more but without races and their cash rewards its not much fun maybe ad in redoo races so we could train new ducks. Also maybe troffs so a specific duck could get food thats another problem how could you afford enough to have good energy levels on all of the ducks. Hope to see some update that has the answers? Great Job with all of the skill categories from all the P.C. Games. 5 *s for this beast of a game thanks. Campbell B. SOOOO GREAT!!!¡!¡!¡!¡!!!
I am #### off because I won the game and my customized chick turned into a doubleket of my penguin chick! Please give it back I am so upset!

Some bad moments

This game is awesome but it needs to be fixed. Ok first of all it says you can go to different places and train for different things. But mine wont let me. For people who bought the game they should get their money back. Because its not fair that we spent money on a game that has a lot of problems and that doesnt work. If there werent so many problems then you should buy it. Heres a tip dontspend your money on it. :(
I had made decent progress and was feeling pretty great about this game. It froze so I simply backed out and cleared the recent apps by double-tapping then sliding up as to refresh it. I entered the app to the tutorial. It had restarted my game. I was furious. I dont recommend this app due to this costly mistake on the developers part.
I have recently encountered a glitch where it doubles one of your ducks and replaces another duck. I tried buying the duck back but the glitch continued to happen and I lost $100 in the game. I hope it gets fixed and will not play until it does.
Plz fix the screen on iPad 2. Also add multiplayer. 5 stars guaranteed!
THIS GAME IS SO FRUSTRATING! It has too many glitches.....the main one that keeps happening is when I try to train a new duck as soon as I finish a level NOTHING HAPPENS! It just stays stuck there! I have to restart my game and my duck didnt gain anything....FIX THIS PLEASE!
My complaint is that when I beat the game ( this goes for my sister too ) it didnt put the crown on my duck. I specifically request that you fix this issue. I thought huh Im gonna beat this game in a week. I didnt. It got boring and I stopped for about a month or 2. You should make stuff like multiplayer and challenge and stuff. I love this game, so I hope you get it too!

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